Saturday, January 18, 2014

2014 Recipe Challenge - Week 3

This week I made it a challenge to use we have in the house already to use for the new recipe. As it turned out we didn’t have much. Ramen, corn bread, hot dogs, cheese, marshmallows, cereal, crackers, and that was about it. Feeling a little defeated, I went to check the mail. And that’s when a miracle happened...I got my Kraft recipe magazine in the mail. As I was flipping through it I saw our next new recipe, Mini Corn Dog Muffins.  It was like the page was glowing, singing and telling me to make it. So we did.

Here is the official recipe from Kraft:
(If you don't use this site you are missing out! I get lots of awesome recipes from here!!)

Mini Corn Dog Muffins

We didn’t use the cheese; we didn’t have the Velveeta so we didn’t mess with it.

I let Jesse make this, and I’m not sure why. He refuses to follow recipes and when it comes to baking they are pretty important. So he made the cornbread like he always does and didn’t measure the milk, just poured it in until he thought it was right. Once the cornbread was made, he sprayed the mini-muffin pan and added the corn cornbread batter to it. He then cut up the hot dogs, we used jumbo size hot dogs because we like to get a little crazy, and put those in the pan. Once that was done he put them in oven and the waiting game starts
The corn dogs took a little longer to bake than the directions said. We have a horrible oven so that is most likely why.  We let them cool in the pan for a little and then Jesse started to try and get them out. First he tried a butter knife, and that wasn’t working so I told him to use a spoon and they started to come out. The only problem is they were not coming out in one piece. They were crumbling and sticking to the pan a little. We pushed through and got a few out and sat down to eat. This turned out to be harder than I thought, the corn dogs just kept breaking in your hands.

After the first 2 I realized I was not going to be able to dip these in my ketchup and spooned some on the top and that was working a little better. Also, these were one bite food, just had to throw it in your mouth to keep them all together. Jesse wasn’t having any better luck with his. We both ended up eating 8 a piece leaving another 8 for leftovers.

What went wrong?

My theory is Jesse added too much milk to the cornbread and with the moisture from the hot dogs made the cornbread too moist and wouldn’t keep together. I didn’t make them so I can blame him. :) But it is really hard to say. Jesse thinks it was because we used the jumbo hot dogs.

These definitely are winner in my book though. They were simple to make and didn’t take a lot of time. The whole meal took around 20 mins to make. I think next time we make them, I will make them and I want to try it with the cheese. Cheese only makes things better right?


  1. Maybe you needed the cheese to hold everything together... velveeta is practically glue anyways.