Tuesday, March 4, 2014

What happened?

We have been keeping up with doing a new recipe every week. The only problem I have is finding time to write a blog about the new recipe each time before we do a new one. I know I'm a few weeks behind, and I will hopefully get those up later this week, maybe one tomorrow, after my midterms are over. Being responsibly and focusing on school has been pretty lame.

We also have been spending all of our free time working on the kitchen, or should I say mostly me. *hinthintjesse* LOL But we are almost completely done. All the doors are hung (minus the 2 that need to have the backs painted) and the drawers are put in. Hopefully Jesse will have the holes drilled for the hardware done today so I can go to the store and get that installed this week. After some touch up the kitchen will pretty much be done. Other than the backsplash and the kitchen counters. Man.....what did I get myself into when I started this project! After this is done, I won't be doing anymore home improvement projects for awhile. Who am I kidding?!? We all know that won't happen! :)  But I will at least wait until it warms up so I can work outside.

We came up with some amazing new recipes, and I can't wait to share them with you all..

Until next time happy eating.