Thursday, February 13, 2014

2014 Recipe Challenge - Week 6

This week, we cheated a little. I decided to start working on the kitchen cabinet to get them ready to paint. Our cabinets are original to the house and after filling in 60 years of damage and sanding, it was a CRAZY mess.

This is just one of the cabinet doors.....ugh....

So instead of making something from scratch, I decided to do pizza and break sticks. I went to ALDI and got one of the to-go pepperoni pizzas for $4.99 and then got some canned biscuits for like a $1.20. So for a little less than $6.50, we got an awesome pizza dinner!

I transformed the biscuits into breadsticks. I popped open the can and just took the biscuits out and pulled them into more of a breadstick shape. Once I got all of them done, I brushed on some butter and then sprinkled garlic powder on top. I did a little butter and a lot of garlic powder but you can do it to your taste. Then I baked them according to the directions on the packaging. Once they were nice and golden brown; I pulled them out of the over then brushed again with butter and put parmesan on top.

Jesse and I liked these breadsticks better than the ones from Pizza Hut. They were flaky and garlicky. I think the only thing I would change it to make more next time!

Next week we will back on track and making new recipes again! Although it was fun to transform an item I use all the time into something new.  

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